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What we do We bridge culture and commerce. All of our services have a common goal: to build a vibrant, profitable cultural sector that makes great art and creates meaningful work. Here's how:

Access to capital

Guide you through the funding and tax credit process including grant-writing and application preparation for all levels of government.

Business and strategic planning

Lead the strategic planning, research, writing, production and delivery of the documents and reports that tell your company's story.

Digital project management

Resource, implement, and manage your digital projects in the online, mobile, CRM, and direct marketing domains.

Industry support

Recruit for industry positions, manage and produce industry activities, including B2B events, conferences, seminars, and other projects for domestic and export market development.

Government consulting

Design and implement programs for the cultural and creative industries working with all levels of government in Canada and abroad.

Our clientele...

...spans the sector and includes creative companies, career artists, festivals, conferences, trade associations, NGOs, and government.

Who We Are Subject matter experts with the experience you need.

Dynamic synergy best describes the CultureCap team and how we help clients optimize their business opportunities.

We know business.

Team members have experience with the full range of creative companies from start-ups to SMEs and multinationals. We’ll help you define and achieve your goals with a constant focus on the bottom line.

We know culture.

Our combined experience spans the creative industries including music, film and television, publishing, digital media, and performing arts. It's a challenging business, and we know our way around it.

We know government.

CultureCap team members have extensive public sector experience. We are a two-way bridge connecting government and the creative industries.

We're connected.

Our contacts list is an industry Who’s Who, in Canada and around the world. We’ll put it to work for you.

Meet Our Team

Led by president and company founder Keely Kemp, the CultureCap team has the energy, expertise, and experience to help you grow your business. Each team member has an impressive back catalogue of industry experience that we’ll put to work for you.

Keely Kemp


Keely’s cultural industry expertise is earned from experience. As a whirlwind program consultant for the Ontario Media Development Corporation for 12 years, Keely developed and delivered government funding programs and growth opportunities for Ontario’s cultural industries. She’s travelled from Cannes to Austin and all points between, promoting, nurturing and growing the Canadian music industry. Keely knows the whole business, from boardroom to bandshell, and serves on several industry groups. A confident and inspiring leader, Keely won numerous awards at the OMDC and she’s already getting kudos for her work in the private sector.

Andrea Page

Account Manager

With 15 years experience in digital program management in the online, mobile, CRM, and direct marketing domains, Andrea brings a unique and incredibly valuable skillset to the team. Andrea ensures long-term profitability by building sustainable, holistic digital programs. Her clients represent a who’s who of major brands like GM, Chrysler, KPMG, TD Bank, and our favourite, Absolut. Andrea creates flexible processes that meet market conditions and client needs, balancing efficiencies and long-term profitability. She has maintained a Project Management Professional designation since 2002.

Melissa Syme

Account Manager

Melissa’s career started in artist management, so she knows the biz from the ground up. Her eclectic roster included By Divine Right, Brian Borcherdt, Rebecca Higgs and Holy F*ck. Now president of MG Events, Melissa specializes in fundraising, sponsorship, volunteer engagement, marketing strategies and campaign development and delivery. In other words, she finds, gets, and invests some major capital from Canada’s largest corporations. In the past 10 years, she’s led teams that raised $2.5 million in donations for charities and non-profits, secured $1 million in sponsorship opportunities for corporate clients, and created/managed more than 120 signature events.

Sarah Norris

Account Manager

Sarah Norris says she loves to laugh. And it’s true! She loves challenges, and laughs while she overcomes them. She did that for several years in executive roles with three majors, EMI, BMG, and Universal Music. Universal’s shareholders were laughing too, because as senior VP, Sarah helped boost the company’s market share from 14% to almost 40%. Sarah was also responsible for multi-million dollar marketing, promotion, and advertising budgets at Universal, while shepherding sales that topped the $170 M mark. A happy entrepreneur at heart, Sarah is now working with music industry clients as a consultant, and adding her expertise and exuberance to the CultureCap team.

Dawn Kuisma

Account Manager

Dawn brings over 15 years of film and television industry experience to CultureCap clients through her roles as executive director, program administrator, producer, entrepreneur and funder. She developed and managed new programs for the Ontario Media Development Corporation and in other roles has helped raise over $1 million in public and private funding for film and tv events and arts organizations. Dawn’s focus on organizational change grounds her strengths in assessing issues, developing new systems and implementing changes. Dawn sees change as an exciting part of entrepreneurship and crucial to growing creative companies. She loves to collaborate and brings expert perception and commitment to inject energy into your business. 

Elisabeth Springate


Elisabeth Springate has a unique skill set: she’s an experienced art director and graphic designer who also has an M.A. in Communications. Elisabeth has broad experience providing visual design that delivers, for corporate, educational, and non-profit clients. She works closely with writers, photographers, web developers and other design professionals to produce targeted strategic messaging for a wide range of clients. Her trained analytical skills let her transform complex messages into clear visual presentations, for any audience. Elisabeth shares her artist’s eye as an educator, having taught creative and studio arts at Ontario-accredited institutions, including York University and OCADU.

Ian Swain


Ian's primary focus is helping places nurture their cultural scenes and arts and entertainment clusters. Ian has a deep knowledge of the literature and best practices of economic geography, from the foundational works of Jane Jacobs to the state-of-the-art. Quantitatively, he has extensive experience gathering, analyzing and manipulating datasets – including messy and unusual ones – and applying statistical methods to produce actionable insights. He puts great importance on getting to know places on a human scale, and believes combining lived experiences with data-driven insights is the best way to understand the unique character and potential of a place.

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